XCP Xen Cloud Platform 1.6

Xen Cloud Platform 1.6


  XCP 1.0 XCP 1.1 XCP 1.5 XCP 1.6
Initial Release March 2011 October 2011 February 2012 (beta only) November 2012
Corresponding XS release 5.6 FP1 5.6 SP2 6.0 6.1
Xen version ? Xen 3.4.2 Xen 4.1.0 Xen 4.1.3
CentOS 5.x? CentOS 5.x? (Linux kernel v2.6.32) 5.6 (Linux kernel v2.6.32) 5.7 (Linux kernel v2.6.32.43)
Open vSwitch ? ? ? 1.4.2
Limits (besides those listed for Xen)
Coniguration Limits       1.6 limits
Resilient distributed management architecture
VM disk snapshot and revert
XenCenter management 1) 1) 1)
Conversion tools
Heterogeneous pools
Dynamic Memory Control
Performance alerting and reporting
Host power management
Live memory snapshot and revert
Web self-service with delegated admin 2)
Site recovery
Open vSwitch (default) (default)
GPU Pass-Through    
GUID Partition Table    
NIC Bonding    
LACP Bonding      
Storage XenMotion® live Migration (cross-pool migration, VDI migration)      
Windows Drivers Installable via Windows Update      


XCP/XenServer Feature Matrix


Features Xen Cloud Platform XenServer Free XenServer Advanced XenServer Enterprise XenServer Platinum
Cost/Licensing Free/Open Source (Multiple Licenses 1) Free/Citrix EULA Paid/Citrix EULA
XenServer hypervisor X X X X X
IntelliCache X X X X X
Resilient distributed management architecture X X X X X
VM disk snapshot and revert X X X X X
XenCenter management X X X X X
Conversion tools X X X X X
XenMotion® live Migration X X X X X
Heterogeneous pools X   X X X
Dynamic Memory Control X   X X X
Performance alerting and reporting X   X X X
Distributed virtual switching management tool     X X X
High availability     X X X
Automated VM protection and recovery X   X 3 X 3 X
Host power management X     X X
Live memory snapshot and revert X     X X
Role-based administration X     X X
Dynamic workload balancing       X X
Provisioning services (virtual)       X X
StorageLink       X X
Web self-service with delegated admin X 2     X X
Site recovery X       X
Lab manager with self-service portal         X
Provisioning services (physical)         X

XenServer features taken from the XenServer Editions page


[1] LGPL, GPL, Q Public License v1
[2] works flawless using original Virtual Appliance from Citrix (tested: XCP 1.5beta (1.4.90) and XenServer-wss-1.1.1.xva)
[3] Automated VM protection and recovery is only available for the Advanced and Enterprise editions in the 6.0 release and later.