perplexity rogue pvp

I believe when it comes to melee classes or mages, alliance in fact have it better, even though orc is doubtlessly the most OP race of the game. To view all forum nodes and be able to create threads/posts please register or log-in with your existing account. hai spent a lot longer this time actively seeking world pvp to the extent where i had many r12+/bis geared players on If you don't plan to raid at all, you should definitely move the points in Imp SnD to a better pvp talent. A Rogue / PvP movie by Perplexity. Also the, by far, best rogue in this game, Perplexity, plays a gnome rogue, he also played dorf in the past. Re: PERPLEXITY #2 | 1.12.1 PVP | 1080p60fps - Rogue PvP by genovahero » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:22 am whats the addon called that displays the … 90% of the time the rogue that opens will kill the other rogue, and in that off 10% you just bait blind and rocket helm or tidal or vanish cheap or vanish prep blind. The key talents in this build are Cold Blood, Seal Fate, Imp Backstab, and Opportunity. Subtlety Rogue PvP Best Covenants, Soulbinds, Conduits, and Legendary Powers (Shadowlands / 9.0.2) Last updated on Nov 29, 2020 at 23:13 by Mysticall 13 comments On this page, you will find information about which Covenant you should be unlocking. ... (except maybe the popular Sap macro which is a must-have for a PvP’er, but you are free to play without it and discover what makes it so important). Hemorrhage itself is the rogue's best CP/energy attack. Useless racial, only good versus the lowest form of dog pvp players. It serves a purpose that relies on your own experience, and how you’d like to improve it. Useful rogue macros for TBC. TwinStar team Initiative and Dirty Deeds also contribute to the overall efficiency of the build, while Cold Blood and Imp Kidney Shot boost the somewhat limited burst damage. ... Perplexity. This is what a noob vs pro looks like. Perplexity is a known rogue for his pvp skills. Actually, the rogue knows what he is doing. Somewhat updated in 1.12, hemo remains a pvp stunlock build. The people who say that Shaman or Rogue were most OP for sure they have not played pvp in vanilla. Any rogue looking for a good all-around build should definitely consider SF Dagger. Malice and Relentless Strikes are also important. The point of a macro is to reply to a specific need. Dear Guest, You're browsing our forum as a Guest meaning you can only see a portion of the forum in read-only mode. But in battlegrounds Warriors were the best since you were having unlimited rage with people just hitting you but you didn't care since you had army of healing bots in your back.----- Post added 2011-07-27 at 07:35 PM ----- When asking about vanilla rogue pvp a lot of people don't really go into depth like you have so far and I appreciate that very much.

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