how to bait treble hooks

Thread a 1/4 ounce (7.09 g) sliding sinker onto your line, then tie on a swivel. It really depends on how the hook he’s using rests against the bait. Take a Jenko 4-inch Booty Shaker; that is a great swimbait to fish on a jighead. The Fattube should rest under the belly inside those flaps. I find hookups match up and at times exceed the rate as using treble hooks. Instead, let the fish grab the bait and once the rod tip bends down for more than 1 second, with your rod still in the rod holder, begin to reel the line until the rod bends fully over. 2. 3. Run a toothpick through the swimbait from the point you marked on the belly out the center of the bait’s nose. After that, in Lawrence’s region, postspawn bass tend to push out to deeper offshore areas. Gamakatsu Baitholder Hook. Leave the toothpick in place, and line up the Fattube on the rear point. You can buy them off the shelf and go catch fish. A treble hook is tied on and pricked into the underside of the swimbait. TREBLE HOOK VS SINGLE HOOK - Which Catches more FISH -GoPro Tip included at the end! Step 4 Smooth It Over. “A Keitech gets a lot of head wobble. Fishermen use trailer hooks when the fish are finicky and hitting their baits, but not engulfing them enough to become hooked. If the front hook is catching on the line, consider downsizing one size. “The lighter the weight, the more of that head-wobble action you’re going to get,” Lawrence says. KVD spent years testing and tinkering with different crankbait treble hooks in the development process. There is two types of treble hooks that I like to use for lipless crankbaits. Once both hooks are set pull upon the leader ahead of the bait holder and press the lead hook flat against the side of the bait. It doesn’t take a math wizard to figure out the upside to having multiple hooks while fishing. With some basic knowledge you can learn to switch wire size, hook shape, color, or brand at the right times to drastically increase the number of fish you land! ... Treble hooks work well, as do single hooks. Dough Bait Treble Hooks. This is called "punching the hook". With a big walking bait and one of these line-thrus, it’s possible to put some real giant gizzard shad eaters in the boat. Lay the treble hook on the top of the punch bait and get ready to bait the hook. It’s become an entire swimbait system that he’s refined for use throughout most of the tournament season. Attached spring securely holds onto softbaits or dough baits. Fishing experience How to Hook Fish with Triple Hook - Deadbait Fishing - Cá Mồi với Móc Ba For most situations, 15-pound-test line is fine, but Lawrence upgrades to 20- or 25-pound test in the fall to help keep the bait up in the water column on very shallow ledges. Stinger-rigged flukes catch more small bass, so he'll pre-fish with stingers to locate fish-holding water and then remove them for big bass. That doesn’t mean he’s strictly bank fishing. This video is about trebles but much of the information applies to single hooks as well. There’s a weightless plastic version that can work, or you can use a pop rivet in its place. Very few anglers even consider their options within a brand, let alone branching across various brands to match the different circumstances on the water. From the Kaiju to the Triple Grip, strength and sharpness is the trademark of Mustad treble and double hooks. Push the Fattube through the plastic, following the toothpick. MULLET SNAGGING HOOK. It catches them on a jighead. If I use a 4.8 Keitech, I use a 1/8-ounce Fattube. If you get off line with the toothpick, back out and redirect so everything stays straight. Dan, As a followup to using single hooks for live or dead bait. “There are a million swimbaits out there, and a lot of them are good. The Kentucky Lake and Pickwick guide and 2018 Costa FLW Series Lake Barkley champion frequently chucks one any time bass are shallow to not only put big fish in the boat, but to catch five good ones in a day. Rod length can vary from 7-6 to 7-1. Lawrence typically uses 2X Gamakatsu treble hooks, but he recently discovered the Owner Stinger Treble Short Shank STY-35MF. 1. But treble hooks also come with a pretty big downside… Over weeds, he'll pin it to one point in the bait to reduce the risk of snagging. “I’m fishing it offshore and on the bank, as long as it’s in 8 feet of water or less,” he says. Feeding the line through the nose can be a frustrating part. Generally, the first step is to figure out what size Fattube is needed to balance out each size of your chosen swimbaits to get it to run right. Lawrence advises to skin-hook the treble with the smallest amount of the hook as possible. So from mid-summer through fall, he’ll break out the line-thrus again. The key is to work very slowly to make sure the toothpick travels in a perfectly straight line through the bait’s body. And by doing so, you're going to force off your old treble hook. A treble hook is tied on and pricked into the underside of the swimbait. Here at, we are all about that fishing life – plain and simple. To make that run in the 1- to 3-foot range, I’ve got to use a 1/4-ounce Fattube on it. You could also use a stiff metal wire. I also use single hooks on all of my spoons, stick baits used trolling for trout and salmon and single hooks on a majority of stick / jerk baits used for muskie and pike. That’s OK. It’s just part of the process of dialing in the peculiarities of each swimbait. Lawrence throws most line-thrus on a medium-heavy, moderate-fast Jenko DCVR Gambler Series rod with a Daiwa Tatula 150 reel (6.3:1) and fluorocarbon line. If you bend the bait, it will stay kinked, and the rigged swimbait could swim off line or roll. The bottom two points stick out closer to 90 degrees from the top barb, so when rigged in the Booty Shaker’s belly the bottom points “hide” behind the side flaps, which helps to reduce snags. When predator fishing you bait a treble hook with a deadbaits , When hooking a deadbait use two treble hooks one in the head and one in the flank of the bait. Step 3 Punch the Hook. “During the shad spawn it’s a great way to catch them around boat docks, riprap and that sort of stuff,” he adds. You can take a single bait and change how it moves, how it sinks, how fish bite it, and sometimes even where they get hooked, just by understanding your hooks. 4 to rig the 4.0 Booty Shaker shown in this article. And that's how you replace the treble hooks on your hard baits. The trailer hook should be smaller than the main hook. Treble Hooks: How to Get the Most Out of Every Bait This is probably the most underrated video we've ever done. A normal two treble hook tandem with the trailer hanging free & the same hook arrangement with both hooks set into the bait. Tie on the appropriate treble hook and you’re done. Electric Fish Scaler To Lawrence, however, a line-thru isn’t just a type of swimbait to go out and buy. These hooks are very popular for catfish fishing since they are excellent hooks to use for catfish dough bait. I get a lot less tangles and I get a better hook up percentage. Treble hooks. Lawrence will occasionally throw it around grass as long as it’s “really clean” grass that he can snap free of without gunking up the hook. He typically inserts it up to the point where the bend begins. These baitholder hooks by Gamakatsu are premium-quality hooks that offer enough flexibility to prevent breaking but are sharp enough for any task. In open water, Ober lets the treble dangle from the main hook's shank with a keeper limiting its backward motion. In addition to limitations on depth, Lawrence also restricts himself to more or less only one presentation when using a line-thru. SKU: DBT. Lawrence’s best advice for figuring out all the subtleties of the line-thru rigging style is to avoid trying to rig every swimbait in every size. Weight usually must be added to convert a standard swimbait to a linethru. Again, I challenge you to make it through to the end of this video. Also, with the 10’s, I get a lot less snags. Not only does it have the paddle-tail action, but now it’s also got that head wobble that’s unique, and something you don’t get with a jighead.”. In Lawrence’s home region of the Tennessee Valley and west Tennessee, common target areas are channel-swing banks, lead-in banks in the mouths of spawning pockets, shallow flats, and shallow main-lake river bars or ledges. Via Tom Davis. Hook Needed: Trout: j-hook or bait hook; size 8 through 1 Panfish: j-hook or bait hook; size 8 through 4. If it runs too far back into a swimbait, the tube can limit the action. Then you're going to take your new treble hook and start it onto that open split ring just like this. Why do we care so much about hooks? One hook only gives you one shot. Just stock some Fattubes and toothpicks, learn to rig your favorite swimbaits you’re already carrying and you’ve just added another valuable tool to your arsenal. 5. We use hooks every time we hit the water but very few anglers really understand those hooks, how they really work, and how to make them work for you. The swimbaits he most commonly rigs himself are the solid-bodied Jenko Booty Shaker, Scottsboro Tackle Co. Swimbait(technically a hollow swimbait) and Keitech Swing Impact FAT, though he’s experimented with several others, including some older Ignite baits (shown top in this photo). On the surface it seems like such a mundane topic but there is no other topic that can make a bigger instant impact on your fishing and your wallet than understanding treble hooks . Pre-rigged line-thrus such as the Scottsboro Tackle Co. Line Through and Optimum Boom Boom Line Thru are great options if you don’t want to bother tinkering with terminal tackle. “Then these fish [on the Tennessee River] will leave the main river and go to shallow bars or get in the back of the bays. Lawrence likes the small end to stay inside the plastic and remain about 1/16 to 1/8 inch shy of protruding out the nose. Hooks are expensive and having a large assortment on hand can get pretty pricey but if you learn how to use them to impact sink rates you can have a single lure do all sorts of different things, saving a lot of money in the long run. That’s really what I’m getting when I change from a jighead over to this line-thru. Push the hook down into the bait with your stick. Get yourself some quality split ring pliers because you're probably going to start changing hooks a lot more! Click the main view image to view an enlarged slideshow >> Simply take a small rubber band and use it to pull both treble hooks up to the body of the bait and towards each. 2 for more on this). Match hook size to lure size carefully so the hooks won't catch on each other. To get there, press the Fattube rim up into the plastic (it’ll cut in just a tad) to relieve the tension and straighten the bait. “If you leave any gap between the split ring or hook and Fattube, when you cast, you’re putting all of that oomph of your cast into that hook bend,” Lawrence says. If you make that swimbait do something just a little different, it can make them eat it. Most have solid soft-plastic bodies, where the line passes through the nose of the bait and out the belly. Catching wahoo on large deep-diving swimming plugs is a very effective way to target wahoo during annual fall Florida Keys bait migration. You should already be carrying spare treble hooks and split rings. “I feel like if I can get this around fish they’ll bite it.”. Just pick three swimbait variations you’re confident in, and tweak the terminal tackle until it’s just right. “I just can’t keep that bait deep enough for anything deeper. Position the hook correctly – The best way to extend the life of the swimbait is to position the hook so the knot is inside the Fattube and the hook eye (or split ring, if using one) is against the Fattube. However, Lawrence says you can actually tweak the running depth of the bait based on where you stick the hook. Most prerigged line-thrus come with internal weights that are carefully placed to keep the bait running upright, straight and true. When using a split ring to connect the hook, only the split ring or the hook eye can rest flat against the bait’s underside – not both. “What’s really cool about that line-thru, and I learn new things about it all the time, is each swimbait kind of has its own action when you rig it that way,” Lawrence adds. The large end should be under the belly. “That line-thru gives the swimbait a totally different action,” he says. You don’t have this huge weight over the head that basically guides that swimbait where it’s going. Using a long stick, like a paint stirrer or even a screwdriver. In that case it’s probably necessary to add small nail weights into the belly of the swimbait to help keep it stable during the retrieve. But generally this is an open-water type of technique. Reply. This is probably the most underrated video we've ever done. 7. When you put the Fattube in it [to make it a line-thru], you’re giving freedom to that bait. They don’t need to touch, but should close up slightly to hold the Fattube in place. Most prerigged line-thrus come with internal weights that are carefully placed to keep the bait running upright, straight and true. Treble/Double Hooks. On other swimbaits, nailing the entry point is critical. is a fishing lifestyle and culture brand that brings anglers together through our digital community to collectively share about anything and everything fishing related. This way, all the pulling pressure of the cast and retrieve is directed into the back of the tube. It’s better to start in “neutral” with a straight back. All credit for these awesome tips goes to FLW Fishing. The only variation he adds is to help trick followers into biting. One of the great parts about Lawrence’s system is that you don’t have to stock a bunch of extra swimbaits to add line-thrus to your arsenal. Some fishermen are big believers in Kahle hooks for speckled trout when fishing with live bait under a popping cork — while others favor circle hooks, live bait hooks or treble hooks … By Larry Anderson. If you are trolling or repeatedly casting, run the hook through the minnows lips so it will appear to swim naturally as it’s pulled through the water. Strong and extra sharp hooks. A hard hookset generally is unnecessary. When I ask a guy what his favorite hook is I'm invariably met with something like "Triple Grips", "Owner", or "Gami". You can reverse the bend to fish shallower by adjusting where you insert the hook. Don’t be afraid to destroy some baits – According to Lawrence, you’ll probably booger up a bait or two as you’re dialing in the process. Spikes work well on the 16's along with 2lb leader while fishing clear water streams , the larger grubs or minnows are fished with a 10 baitholder. Depending on the size Fattube and swimbait you’re using, you might be able to get away with just one toothpick. “Essentially, any time they are feeding primarily on shad and there’s not a whole lot of cover around, I’ll experiment with it from the beginning of March or even February, through about the middle of May.”. 8. 4. Now, you're just going to push your new treble hook all the way around. He says it’s not necessary to have a big swimbait “whuppin’ stick.” Like with any treble hook bait, the line-thru swimbait needs to be fished on a rod with enough tip action and forgiveness to not rip out the hooks. This is pretty easy on the Booty Shaker because of its open underside, which is flanked by two “belly flaps” that hang down. If the hook eye isn’t flat, the barbs might not line up properly. This hook can be easily hidden in a ball of dough bait and still fished for the hungry catfish. 1 tip is to keep the bait perfectly straight. Perfect for snagging small and medium size baitfish. It has secondary action. On Treble Hooks. The Scottsboro and Keitech, which have narrower heads and mouths, like to run a little deeper. Choose the right hook – The right hook size depends on the size of the bait and the model you’re using. “Why that is I can’t exactly explain. But you rig that on a line-thru, and it gives it a totally different action and look. 5. On the other end, tie 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) of leader and your hook, then bait it with a shrimp. If you don't know how to throw a cast net or baits are in an inaccessible area, these snagging hooks will allow you to cast into schools of bait fish and snag them using your every day rod … They don’t start moving back shallow until about the middle of July. “But the fatter or bulkier that swimbait is, the more you’ll have to adjust because if it has a really fat head, that causes the bait to rise. Available in bronze finish. Watch your back angle – On some swimbaits, such as the Keitech, the “rim” of the Fattube will press against the belly and impart an arch in the bait’s back (see No. Lure size - Nothing is more frustrating than casting a topwater plug into a scrum of schooling fish, only to have the treble hooks tangle each other or the line, ruining the cast. I think it’s ok to go one step further and remove the front hook completely to make the bait more weedless and safer to use. At this point, the hook is firmly stuck in the fish’s mouth and you can begin to fight the fish.

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